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What changes will I make to adapt?




The Guideline changes that will be implemented 20th of December on both Instagram and Facebook will change a lot for many models and designers and artists like me.

Therefore changes have to be made to adapt to the situation.
What I will do is to make more use of other social media and also my website.
I will try to explain it here.

1. I will remove all content on Instagram and Facebook that might violate their new guidelines.

2. I will make a new page here on my website where I do weekly posts to make up for the content I have to remove from Instagram and Facebook.

3. I will be more active on my Fetlife for even more explicit material that contain fetish, censored nudity and also photos that might be considered sexual or provocative.

4. I will increase the activity on my OnlyFans with material and also make it a place to be able to communicate with me. (Since this makes everything more spread out, I decided that OF is the place I will focus on answering messages and requests and so on)

5. My Premium will still be the place where you can see my portfolio totally uncensored plus some extra goodies like discounts, Behind the scenes material and so on.
I will put more effort in that one from now on too.

6. I will create a backup account on Instagram, so please follow that one too.

Down below you will find buttons with links to the different places I'm talking about.

Together we can continue our lives as normal with naked skin and kinky fetish.

Lilia Mih Red


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